Driver App

Our driver app puts you in control.  You determine who sees what and how much information you send.

Web portal

This portal gives you complete visibility to all drivers coordinating with a dispatcher or the entire fleet.


Communicate with your customer in a slick, easy, and professional manner.

Dispatch Efficiency

Way Cool Trucking allows your dispatchers to maximize their efficiencies.

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More and more extra great features

Customized Driver App

Our driver app puts you in control.  You determine who sees what and how much information you send.  With features such as the ability to turn on and off GPS tracking, our app gives you the professionalism you want with the privacy you deserve.

This app was designed to create maximum benefits to the most important person in the process, the truck driver.  Features of the app include:

  1. Location updates with ability to toggle on and off to protect your privacy.  No more “where are you?”
  2. Notifications of arrival and departure of all stops which eliminates the “Are you there yet?” and protects you to collect your deserved detention pay.
  3. Ability to take pictures of POD, lumper receipts, and locations to help facilitate what you need
  4. Allows for documented problem solving.  Get paid for promises brokers and other customers make as it is all in writing!
  5. Minimally invasive – Does not actively drain your phone battery

The app eliminates the need to give out your personal cell phone number

Cloud Based Management Portal

This portal gives you complete visibility to all drivers coordinating with a dispatcher or the entire fleet.  The portal sends and receives all necessary communications to all people involved in the load.

  1. Receive timely information from your drivers and know where they are on the map
  2. Transmit information that you want to send to your direct and broker customers with the ability to toggle this on the fly to protect your private information
  3. Obtain updates from your ELD devices
  4. Communicate with your drivers in real time
  5. Log all events and keep necessary documents close at land
  6. Enhances and communicates with your current in house system but can also operate as a stand alone tool.

The portal is intended to be operated on a desktop or laptop computer.  It is all cloud based and thus gives you the ability to log in and operate from any place you desire.

Additional benefits are in the “Maximize Dispatch Efficiencies” section.  Click here to be forwarded over there.

Seamless Customer Communications

Communicate with your customer in a slick, easy, and professional manner.  With the Way Cool Trucking suite you can provide your customers with all the information they need to know their freight is secure and on schedule.  With our solution you can show your customers as much or as little information as you like.  Some key features include

  1. Real time visibility map displaying up to the minute locations for their trucks in transit.
  2. Arrival and departure information for each shipment letting them know what milestone the truck is currently involved with
  3. Issue communications and resolution via chat applications

Maximize Dispatch Efficiencies

Way Cool Trucking allows your dispatchers to maximize their efficiencies.  By leveraging our solution you are able to increase the service and communications with your truck drivers while at the same time reducing dispatcher head count.

One of the key features includes the automatic prioritization of issues to follow up on.  No longer do you have to ask, “What do I need to do next.”  Also, we eliminate the “Oh I forgot to check on that.”  This enables drivers to be more satisfied as their issues are being followed up timely and professionally.  It also eliminates the failure to follow up on critical items such as detention and lumper fees which eat into your profitability.

Our solution also offers the following values:

  1. Allows you to manage by exception.  If a shipment has no issues then it will continue to pass through the process without the need to be touched by human hands.
  2. Communication to customers and drivers by use of a messaging platform which saves you time, allows you to handle multiple tasks, and provides documentation of your communications.  Much easier to send a pick up number this way versus over the phone.
  3. Enables you to get PODs and other vital records in the hands of your customers quickly, thus enabling you to get paid faster.

App Pricing

Not sure what plan is right for you? Click here to request a demo and one of our experienced representatives will guide you through the process.

What our partners say

Testimonials from some of our customer partners

“I get a lot less phone calls so that I can concentrate on my driving. I also like how I can turn off the tracking when I’m on my personal time”

Larry Jones. Professional Truck Driver

“The information that I need is available to me all on the same screen. It makes my job a lot less stressful.”

Dima Savkiv. Dispatcher

“I’m able to have visibility to all my trucks in transit. My drivers are also happier because we are in a position to be more attentive to their needs.”

Dave Sheets. Small Fleet Owner

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