Digital freight matching offers planet-saving perks


Investing in electric and autonomous is not the only way to cut emissions. Over the last few years, sustainability has proven to be a hot button issue for just about every industry across the globe. The worsening climate crisis – and increased consumer awareness to its effects – has pushed both governments and corporations to make concrete efforts toward better environmental stewardship.

Transportation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 29% of all emissions, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This number includes emissions from passenger vehicles, trucks, ships, trains and planes. Freight trucks account for about 23% of all transportation in the nation, making these diesel-burning vehicles a major contributor to emissions.

Companies across the transportation and logistics industry have announced new sustainability initiatives in response to growing concern, with many promising significant emissions reductions over the next few years. While large trucking companies have pledged to purchase electric trucks and adopt autonomous trucking solutions, the start-up costs associated with these cutting edge technologies keep them out of reach for the majority of small and mid-sized trucking companies.

Resource: FreightWaves