Drivers get more rest-stop relief from states


Truck drivers facing mounting stress from tightening social restrictions amid the COVID-19 crisis received some relief over the weekend along the nation’s interstate system.

On Friday, April 3, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) suspended enforcement of rules that prohibit states from allowing commercial food trucks to do business at rest areas that receive federal funding. In addition, the state of Arizona opened two interstate rest stops that have been closed since 2002 and 2009. Both actions are being done on a temporary basis to help the industry cope with restrictions triggered by the coronavirus.

“America’s commercial truck drivers are working day and night during this pandemic to ensure critical relief supplies are being delivered to our communities,” said FHWA Administrator Nicole Nason. “I am grateful to our state transportation partners for bringing this idea to the Department and for their leadership in thinking outside the box. It is critical to make sure truck drivers continue to have access to food services while they’re on the job serving our nation during these challenging times.”

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