TWIC card now satisfies requirements for hazmat endorsement; DAT testing ‘Book Now’ feature


TSA allowing TWIC to satisfy hazmat endorsement requirements The Transportation Security Administration issued an exemption this month that allows states to issue hazardous materials endorsements (HME) to individuals with a valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). The exemption allows TSA to conform with the TSA Modernization Act, which permits states to issue a HME to an individual following TSA notification that he or she does not pose a threat, or “if the individual holds a TWIC issued by TSA.”

The agency says it intends to update its regulations to reflect the change, and the exemption issued March 1 is in place until those changes can be made.

With the exemption, individuals with valid TWICs will not have to submit information, biometrics and fees to TSA because they have already completed the appropriate security threat assessment, which includes criminal, immigration and terrorism checks.

Circle Logistics, Knight-Swift testing ‘Book Now’ freight feature with DAT The DAT Book Now automated freight tendering feature will be available to all freight brokers to offer quick booking options to carriers at a particular rate in June. In the meantime, Circle Logistics is reportedly among entities working with DAT on piloting the system. DAT and Knight-Swift announced last month it would be part of the pilot program.

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